Worlds Recap – Semi Finals Day 1

The 2015 League of Legends World Championships moves onto the semi-finals in Brussels, Belgium. The four teams that advanced will duke it out for a spot in the finals, to be played in Berlin, Germany. The first worlds semi-finals saw Europe’s Origen and Korea’s SK Telecom T1 battle for their lives, and they did not disappoint. To switch things up this time around, we’ll be going over a single game of the day in greater detail, as well as discussing some interesting story lines of the matchup. Without further adieu, let’s load in !

Matching Styles


SK Telecom T1 and Origen prepare to face off in the semi-finals

What makes this match up all the more fascinating is the introduction of Easyhoon, the substitute player for SKT. Teams are allowed 1 sub for which they can swap into the active roster between games, a strategy SKT utilized against the home team. When you’re the sub for the greatest player in the world, chances are you won’t be playing much, which is what makes Easyhoon appearance  all the more interesting. There is no doubt Faker is the stronger player, yet some would argue Easyhoon as certain benefits Faker doesn’t offer. Easyhoon is known for playing control mages extremely well, as they complement his conservative play style, something xPeke is equally known for lately. Matching Origen at their own game is a valid strategy that worked wonders in game 1. This strategy worked because SKT knew they wanted to beat Origen in the late game, by drafting high-scaling champions like Kalista, Fiora and Azir, SKT simply had to match the tempo set by their opponents, passively farm lanes then fight with a stronger champions.

Outpicked, Outbanned

Due to a recurring glitch with the champion Gragas, he has since been permanently banned from the tournament, meaning no team can play him. The magnitude of this unforeseen circumstance proved to be massive. Not only is Gragas one of the strongest junglers on this patch, he is a power pick for all teams. With the big man’s ban, jungler champion pools were immediately tested, specifically Amazing, the jungler for Origen. The strongest remaining jungle champions in this tournament are Rek’Sai and Elise, both of which are deadly in capable hands. Due to the nature of the champion pick/ban phase, Origen was forced to ban both power junglers, forcing new champions to be played. This turned out to favor SKT, as they successfully prepped a new champion for their pools in Jarvan IV, a strong early game ganker. Meanwhile, Origen picked the champion Evelynn, another early game ganker, unlike their Korean counterparts they were unsuccessful in implementing the new champion into their strategies. Many will point to the Gragas ban as an excuse for Origen jungler Amazing’s poor performance in this series, seeing as he would undoubtedly have had more of an impact if he was able to secure his most played champion. Although that may be true, it doesn’t discount how SKT was able to exploit his small champion pool by putting him on a weaker champion. After all, these teams are playing to prove they are the best in the world, excuses such as that won’t fly.

The Best Top Laner In The World


SKT Marin and coach Kkoma discuss strategy

If a team had both the best player and the best top laner in the world, would you say that makes for a pretty stacked roster ? Unfortunately for Origen, that notion proved to be true in this set. SKT Marin continued his trend of man handling the enemy top laner, amassing a gigantic gold lead, in turn applying a suffocating amount of pressure on the map. That’s not to say his opponent is a pushover, Soaz has done his share of man handling this tournament with powerful champions and jaw dropping outplays. Against Marin though, it simply wasn’t enough. Game 1 saw Marin gain a quick lead over Soaz, and persist to be a thorn in Origen’s side as he continued to split push, drawing multiple members of the opposition to him as his team claimed an objective. This being a top lane centered meta, Marin has all the tools at his disposal to showcase his talent, and prove to be the strongest top laner in the world.

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