Worlds Recap Quarter Finals – Days 3 And 4

The latter half of the 2015 League of Legends Worlds quarter finals are in the books ! We got to see home team favorites Fnatic go toe-to-toe with China’s stacked Edward Gaming and the battle of Korea in KT Rolster versus The KOO Tigers. As always, some of these games were great and some not so much, let us sift through the lesser games to those displaying how entertaining a game of League of Legends can really be.

Edward Gaming Vs. Fnatic Game 1


(Left to Right) EDG Koro1, Clearlove, PawN, Deft, Meiko and coach Aaron

Fnatic has been a divisive team to predict among analyst, they’re domestic dominance is no doubt impressive, but is it because their region is weak or are they simply that strong ? Coming into worlds, Fnatic was looking to prove they were indeed an elite team, capable of competing with Asia’s best, who better to test that than against Edward Gaming. Despite not being the first seed from China, EDG has been the best performing team from their region, and the only to make it out of the group stage. The game I recommend people watch is game 1, simply for the entertainment of it. The first match of the series wasn’t exactly a masterpiece of strategy, rather it was a dog fight. Almost averaging a kill a minute, Fnatic and EDG went after each other with everything they had, trading team fight wins and objectives until Fnatic came out with the upperhand, thanks to their unique pocket picks of adc Kennen and top lane Jarvan.

KT Rolster Vs. KOO Tigers Game 1


KT Rolster duke it out with Korean brothers KOO Tigers

The battle of Korea kicked off with an amazing game of cat and mouse, KT drafted a strong pick/skirmish composition while KOO elected for a more team fight oriented comp. This resulted in both sides using swift map movements and teleport outplays to get what they want, while not giving away what the opposition wants. The goal of a pick comp is to use superior vision to catch out one of two enemies for easy kills, and transition that numbers advantage into a dragon or turret kill. In contrast, all a team fight composition wants to do is fight as five, since they have more area-of-effect and sustainable damage. This game had so many great moments spoiling it would be an injustice, do yourself a favor and watch it.


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