Worlds Recap Quarter Finals – Days 1 And 2

The bracket stage has finally begun for the 2015 League of Legends Worlds Championships ! Group stage has separated the weak from the strong, leaving us with 8 elite teams. Now we move into the format League of Legends is meant to be played, best of fives. Let’s take some time to go over the first two bo5s of the quarterfinals, the LMS’s Flash Wolves versus Europe’s own Origen, and the tournament favorites SK Telecom T1 against the first seed from the LMS AHQ E-Sports.

Flash Wolves Vs. Origen Game 2


(Left to Right) Origen’s Soaz, Amazing, XPeke, Niels, Mithy and coach Hermit

There were a lot of great games in this series. Game 1 was a close back and forth that was ultimately decided by an odd backdoor finish, game 3 was a great display by the Flash Wolves on how to transition winning lanes into map pressure and game 4 saw Origen implementing all the knowledge they accrued throughout the series to systematically dismantle the Wolves, but game 2 was by far the most entertaining. Origen marksmen Niels is the only rookie among his veteran team mates, yet has been arguably the best player on his team this entire tournament. Niels went off this game, showing just how deadly a high mobility champion such as Kalista can be. He did the most damage on his team by far, secured objectives and dominated the early lane phase with his partner Mithy. Another reason this game should be watched was the synergy between support and adc, Mithy’s Tahm Kench was exceptional, using the champion’s Devour ability to keep Kalista safe and protect her whenever she was caught in a bind. Origen stepped up, but they’ll need to step up further if they’re going to continue to advance in the tournament.

SK Telecom T1 Vs. AHQ E-Sports Game 1


SKT Marin plays in front of the London crowd

Calling this series a classic David and Goliath story would be a serious understatement. The Korean juggernauts have yet to drop a game throughout the entire tournament, and would continue this trend in the quarterfinals. Game 1 was the quintessential way to win a game of League of Legends, keep the opposition off guard through a series of map rotations, create a numbers advantage with map movement to take objectives and snowball the small lead created to win. Starting from the draft phase, SKT dominated AHQ by getting the stronger team. They then implemented the strengths of those power picks to put their opponents on the back foot and keep them there. As it stands now, there doesn’t seem to be a team that can beat SK Telecom.

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