Worlds Recap – Days 7 And 8

The bulk of Worlds 2015 is done ! With the group stage complete we finally know which teams will advance to the bracket stage and compete for the Summoner’s Cup. Keeping up with the trend of ridiculous games, the last days of the groups went off with a bang, and some crushed dreams for North American fans.

KT Rolster Vs. LGD Gaming


KT Rolster prepares for battle

Tired of losing, LGD benched their top laner Acorn (a great player in his own right) for the legendary Flame, a player known for taking over games from the top lane in Korea. This being a top lane focused meta, Flame’s mechanical prowess and suppressive play should be an improvement over Acorn’s more calculated, defensive play. What makes this game such a treat is the matchups, KT’s bot lane Arrow and Piccaboo who’ve had a strong showing against LGD’s Imp and Pyl, a duo that has shown incredibly play but unable to carry games. And of course KT Ssumday going head to head against LGD Flame, a battle of arguably the best top laner versus the former best top laner. Despite the game itself turning out to be completely one-sided, it was fun seeing these players duke it out.

Fnatic Vs. Cloud9


Home crowd favorites Fnatic got all the support they needed to advance

The battle of the Atlantic continued as Europe’s Fnatic looked to exact revenge over their North American rivals Cloud9. In their previous match of group stages, C9 mounted a comeback victory, securing the win despite being down a gold lead. This time around it was Fnatic’s turn to win, going balls to the wall with their un-tempered aggression. Fnatic put on a clinic on how to capitalize on champion weaknesses and how to group. Not letting up, the European powerhouse continuously initiated fights with a numbers advantage, always coming out ahead of the opposition. Fnatic jungler Reignover’s Elise was firing on all cylinders, always where he needed to be for his teammates and securing objectives when the paced slow down. A fantastic game for learning how to use aggression to keep the opposition off guard.

With group stages complete, the next stage of Worlds 2015 is set to begin ! The Quarterfinal matchups are as follows; Europe’s Origen vs. the LMS’s Flash Wolves, Taiwanese AHQ E-Sports vs. Korea’s SKT Telecom T1, China’s Edward Gaming vs. Fnatic and the battle of Koread in KT Rolster vs. the KOO Tigers.


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