Worlds Recap – Day 4

With day 4 done the first half of the Worlds group stage is completed, meaning each team has play everyone in their group once. Now that we have a fair sample size of games we can start to piece together how the rest of the tournament will shake out. As for now, let’s go over the games to watch from day 4, originally played October 4, 2015.

Team SoloMid Vs. LGD Gaming


North America’s Team SoloMid

Both teams had yet to win a game going into this match, showing poor drafts and even worse in game decision making. Starting with the pick ban phase it became very clear both teams were going for unconventional picks. TSM grabbed Mordekaiser and Twisted Fate, while LGD decided to bring Brand and Diana to the match. This game was not a battle of strategy or out maneuvering the opposition like a game of chess would be, this was a street fight. From the moment the teams loaded into the rift the gloves came off, with a rapid three kills before three minute mark. The action never let up, finishing off with a total of 41 kills, averaging more than a kill a minute. At the end of the day TSM won the match through superior team fights and an aggressive approach to the match up. Further proof that games don’t need to be high-brow battles of calculated plays and methodical strats, sometimes all you need is a bunch of awesome fights.

Cloud9 Vs. Fnatic

When the groups were drawn many had pegged Group C as an easy win for Fnatic, while not showing much hope for C9, doubting they would get a single win. Going into this match, C9 was surging, while Fnatic was coming off a hard loss. Once again Fnatic had to play a team that was seeming to only get stronger while they’re play was weakening. And it showed in game, as Fnatic fell back on bad habits, taking bad fights and making questionable rotations. The game was still close though, as the Western rivals traded advantages only to have the win go over to North America’s Cloud9 off the back of a Darius pentakill. Cloud9 moves into the break with a commanding perfect record, who’d have thought.

Pain Gaming Vs. Flash Wolves

Brazil’s Pain Gaming

The Brazilian wild card team Pain Gaming has a lot to prove at this tournament. Coming from a weaker region, they’re looking to show they’re nonetheless competitive and capable of taking games off teams. At last years World Championships, it took until the last day of the group for a wild card team to claim a win, this year it only took 4 days. Pain Gaming played like they had nothing to lose, catching the Wolves off guard. They maintained a steady gold lead throughout the entire 45 minute endeavor thanks to their superb laning phase. With a win for Pain, this blows group A wide open. CLG and KOO remain atop the group with a record of 2-1 while Pain and the Wolves sit below them with a record of 1-2.

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