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Today we are going to be doing a quick look at the small multiplayer game: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre published by Cryptozoic Entertainment and is a amusing card battling game revolving around card combo’s.

Game Overview

This game is a very simple game with various devious tactical and luck based gameplay- The luck in itself is making sure you hit the player you are aiming to do so as sometimes it doesn’t go the way you hope for, especially when you add in the dice rolls that can happen!

During the first round, the starting player places a settlement on an open intersection

The game is primarily for 2-6 players but is recommended for between 3-5 players otherwise things get too hectic!

What you do in the game

In this game, you pick between 1-3 cards to play during your turn to create a spell to destroy your opponents.

These can have various effects including healing yourself, dealing damage of various sorts, or can copy parts of your spell and use additional spells from the card stack (or none if your unlucky)

How it looks/How easy is it to understand what’s going on

This game  has to be one of the games with some of the best graphics on the cards that I have ever seen… not to mention when you combine various spells and get this artwork joining together to create an amusing name and look for a spell.. For example:epicspell


How easy is it to pick up?

The game is also very easy to understand what is going on- everything is explained on each card with the only thing that can cause issues is when someone forgets to do a certain effect- (like healing yourself from a treasure card)

RulesFools Gold

  • Each turn follows a pattern and generally goes in the same order – whoever has the least amount of cards then the highest imitative on the delivery card goes first, then next highest goes next  ect- Should there be a tie make sure to roll a die to see who comes out on top
  • At the start of each turn,  You much draw from the main deck until you have 8 cards in your hand, with each dead wizard drawing a dead wizard card when they die
  • When creating a spell- you can have up to three different types of spell components places down in front of them.
  • Resolve the spell in order of: Source, Quality and then delivery- and make sure read the name of the spell in your most wonderful wizard voice!

Basic Hints and Tips

  • For starting players, the most important thing to note is that you should always make sure you know where your spell is targeted! I have on many occasion by accidentally targeted the wrong person because I didn’t read the card close enough!
  • Being on the highest HP is not necessarily a good thing! This can make you a target for a lot of spells!
  • Don’t forget to heal! It seems like a silly tip but people generally go for the additional damage then to heal themselves past death range!
  • Don’t underestimate Treasure and dead wizard cards- these can catch you out if you’re not careful!

My ExperienceFey

In my experience I have spent many hours playing this game.

The first time I played it was at a gaming event called Insomnia, it was meant to be a quick game while we was waiting for something to open up, however we ended up playing it for hours into the night, 15-30 minutes turned into 5 hours ( with the odd beer buying break!)

I have on many occasions played this game after – for short or long sessions and at all times I have enjoyed it, with all of the random spells to create and shenanigans to be had- it caused me to have many hours of entertainment… from the artwork alone!

Final thoughts

This game is most definitely one of the best games to play in my book! This game can be played in short or long sessions with many shenanigans to be had.

The artwork ( as I’ve explained many times) is absolutely superb and I personally would buy it just for the artwork and the spell names that you could create, everything else is a bonus to me and what a bonus it is, a brilliant game to boot!

Some of the best humour and craziness to be had in my opinion!

Places to purchase

You can pick “Epic Spell Wars ” up from Cryptozoic’s ShopGamesQuest and other major Retailers from $30/£25

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