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Disco Melee is focused on not only offering our high quality streaming service, but we want to ‘Make Gaming Social Again’ with our slew of Social Media features!
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Keep in contact with your friends with real time instant messaging system. Gone are the days where gamers had to jump between tabs in order to chat. With our messaging system, you now have the ability to socialize with your friends while gaming, streaming, or just browsing.


Keep track of your favorite users by following and subscribing to their accounts! Never miss out on any of your favorite live streams again! By taking advantage of our 'subscribe' and 'follow' buttons, you have the ability to keep track of your favorite streamers and their live streams.


On Disco Melee, you have the ability to link any content to be shared with your friends, followers and subscribers! Stay connected with your community with the ability to share photos, videos, links, and much more on your personal profile page. The time for social gaming is here.



Our store gives you the ability to buy all of your must have gaming items and merchandise all in one place! Disco Melee has cut out the middle man by designing and carrying all major brands in-house, saving you money and precious gaming time. If there’s something you don’t see in our shop, we’ll go the extra mile and do everything in our power to get it to you.


Guilds and Clans are available to be created to link members together. Whether you’re a well-established guild in need of a way to communicate and stay organized, or whether you’re looking into launching a brand new clan, doing so has never been easier.


Only read the news you’re interested in with our customizable DiscoVerse feed. DiscoVerse allows you to customize your feed content and tailor it to your interests. It’s our simple way of keeping you up to date with the latest news and trending topics, while saving you precious gaming time.


Link all of your gaming accounts together to allow for seamless integration. Have other gaming accounts not listed? You can link other accounts to your Disco Melee account, or suggest others for us to add, making integration a breeze.


Your stream is all about you and what you’re passionate about. Personalize your stream by taking advantage of our fully customizable profile and stream page!


See what’s happening in the gaming world with our !Shout system. Our !Shout chat feature allows for you to stay in-game while being able to converse with friends in your circles. “!Who’s up for a raid in 10?”


Personalized profiles for every viewer and streamer. It’s time to let the world of gaming know who you are! Share your stats, list top-played games, and more with your own personalized profile.


The calendar system is designed to help you make the most out of the time you have to game. Integrate with your guild, teams, or just stay up-to-date with the next holiday patch.


Earn badges and achievements, along with other rewards, for using Disco Melee’s features. We want to reward you for unlocking your Disco Melee achievements! You can earn badges for using our site features; the more you explore and participate within the community, the more badges you gain.

Game Library

Have your game library linked to your profile to allow for maximum usage from Disco Melee! With your library integrated, you get customized feeds based on games you actually have!

Easily Share Media

Designed to be one click away from sharing your latest boss kill, or how you dominated your opponents in the last match of Counter-Strike.