Patch Notes 0.9 and Site Updates

Hello to all you beautiful gamers.

Disco Tagz

First and foremost, the Disco Melee Store is in business! Rep your favorite streaming site by picking up hats, shirts, and tanks HERE, and post your pics to social media wearing our gear. Tag @DiscoMelee on Twitter.

Development Updates

We thought you deserved a site befitting your foxiness… so here it is! You might have noticed we made a number of beautifications to the site, as well as adding the long-awaited emoticons. You asked, we delivered! *clears throat*
  • Visual Updates To Every Page
    • Landing Page
    • HUB
    • Stream(er) Page
    • User Profile
    • Stream List Page
    • Settings Pages
    • Animations For Many Features (most are subtle but very sexy)
  • Revamp to Signup/Forget Password Flow
  • Performance Enhancements Across Multiple Platforms/Browsers
  • Added Recommended Streams to HUB – News Page
  • Improved Viewer Count Detection
  • Added new ‘User’ Menu To Easily Access User Pages
  • Improved Notification Detection/Performance
  • Improved Analytics
  • Added SignUp ReCaptcha
  • Cleaning/Streamlining Codebase

Whats up next?

We have some new and exciting features coming through the pipeline, so make sure you’re staying up to date and become a Disconaut by clicking here and creating an account. The Discoverse awaits its newest recruit!

Hollla At Us!

If you see something you like, TELL US, and if you see something you dislike, HAMMER US. Remember, we are making this site for you!

Additional News

For anyone who missed it, we were at Insomnia 55 in the UK this past weekend. Keep your eye on our social media for our very first big giveaway – new DM swag and games! Entries for Insomnia attendees will be open a few more days, with the drawing scheduled for Sept 7th.

Have questions or need technical support?

Please do not hesitate to contact us through:
Twitter: @DiscoSupport
Read our FAQ page
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