Please see below for a list of currently open positions. All roles are 100% remote with a primarily U.S. based team.

Remote Full-stack Clojure Developer

About Us

Disco Melee was founded by gamers, for gamers, to deal with the lack of social features in other gaming-centric sites, and to reinvent the concept of social streaming. Basically we are “making gaming social again”.
We are seeking backend, frontend and/or full-stack developers to help us achieve that goal. We are moving fast, currently in closed beta, but are looking to open it up soon.
We’re headquartered in Mebane, NC. We’re very interested in local candidates but are also excited to work with 100% remote developers.


The frontend is built in Clojurescript and Om, the backend in Clojure on a PostgreSQL database.
While we do require some degree of prior experience with these technologies, we also greatly value an ability to learn, take ownership, be proactive, and communicate well with others.

Essential skills:
* Good written and spoken English (this is a fully remote position)
* Functional programming techniques

* Modern HTML and CSS (LESS)/Bootstrap
* Clojurescript (and Javascript)
* React (Om)
* Implementing a Photoshop design in HTML/CSS

* Clojure
* SQL (we use PostgreSQL)

Desirable skills:
* Data security and privacy
* JVM familiarity (ecosystem)
* XMPP protocol knowledge
* Video streaming/web video familiarity
* Distributed systems
* Payment processors
* Mobile (iOS/Android) knowledge
* Familiarity with Amazon Web Services

The Next Step

To submit your resume for consideration, please email