Insomnia 55 Outing

flaming melonThis time last week, our representatives Seraxia and Melomelon had just gotten back from a weekend wandering the halls of Insomnia 55 meeting and greeting the attendees, giving out stickers and streaming from the event!

Insomnia Gaming Festival is a British gaming festival that is held by Multiplay at the Ricoh Arena (though it’s moving to the National Exhibition centre from now on).  Over 36,000 gamers had attended the event checking out its various attractions, from its exhibition to the stage, to meet-and-greets with your favourite streamers and youtubers.

For Melomelon- it was his first ever event- gaming or otherwise and as such he had some preconceptions of what to expect, though what he actually experienced was something different… here is what he had to say:

“As a gamer who has never been to a gaming event before, let alone Insomnia, I had heard of how social and large the event was. When I actually got there I was shocked to see how large it was in comparison to my imagination, the arena was filled out to the point where football pitch sized tents were erected to accommodate all of the goings on of I55.

The atmosphere was filled with the memes and traditions of every Insomnia before it, however everyone craigthere welcomed new and old attendees alike, I ended up playing Werewolves till the early hours of the morning (Insomnia definitely lives up to its namesake) with complete strangers to begin with but good friends by the end.

An average day consisted of going round the exhibition halls talking to anyone and everyone, watching main stage events (cosplay competitions, panels etc) and catching a few games of what ever happened to be on at the e-sports arena. You may think these things to be standard fair for a convention but the people that attend and work there are what push it over the top.

The evenings were a totally different animal, every night was a celebration of the days events, though I didn’t think it could get much better however I couldn’t be more mistaken, the night of the pub-quiz took the cake. The pub quiz was no ordinary one, it was filled with over a thousand gamers laughing, singing and drinking to the MC of GlaDOS on the main stage and ended with a  drunken rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Personally my favourite parts of the event were: the people there, going to the esports stage for some quiet (in comparison to the rest of the event), late night werewolves and last but not least the pub quiz.

At the end of it all, I want to go to Insomnia again to have fun with people over the hobby we all enjoy rather than going there for only the hobby, that is how strong the community around this event is.

SerxeiaSeraxia on the other hand has been to 9 Insomnia events at this point and as such seen it grow into what it is today, with the move to the NEC for i56- he had some thoughts on this and I55.

“I55 was once again another brilliant experience, meeting people and talking to them all about Disco Melee was superb- the excitement from people about having a more community and social focused streaming site was overwhelming- it was clear to me that people are definitely looking for a true alternative to Twitch even if it is simply to drive up the standards of the industry to another high.

Multiplay moving Insomnia to the NEC for the foreseeable future could be huge, the event has grown exponentially over the past year or two and the room for growth at the new venue is massive. I hope to see everything done bigger and better, from Esports to the Exhibition hall, from the Pub Quiz to the LAN.

They are definitely driving the event towards the right path and with Dreamhack moving to London next year- they are going to have to bring out all the stops to compete with the giant that is Dreamhack. Can they do it however? Most definitely- especially with the backing and support of GAME behind them now. I expect many and great things from the event that has become my second home and family.”

Disco Melee hopes to see you all at future events <3

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