Hello to all you beautiful gamers!

Ho ho ho boy and girls!

Disco Santa here to bring you all some badass presents.
Just a reminder from the elves, the Disco Melee store is in business! Rep your favorite streaming site by picking up hats, shirts, and tanks HERE and post your pics to social media wearing our gear. Tag @DiscoMelee on Twitter.

What have our Development Elves been up to?

Disco Santa is a little bit different than traditional Santa.. I give gifts to NAUGHTY and NICE gaming boys and girls. Here is a list of presents being delivered on our newest update:


  • Credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin accepted
  • Regular deposit into PayPal
  • Payments activated for every Disco Melee user
  • Secure wallet for storing your payment methods for later use
  • Apply at support@discomelee.com to receive payments
  • All payments can be made without leaving the stream
  • Payment information viewable from dashboard


  • Subscribe to make regular payments supporting the streamer (1 month, 3 months, 6 months)
  • 50/50 split for subscription payments
  • Real-time notification of payments


  • Donate to make a single payment supporting the streamer
  • Low fees on donations

Whats up next?

We have some new and exciting features currently coming in 2016; so make sure you’re staying up to date and become a Disconaut by clicking here,  to create an account. Spike your nog and enjoy your streaming experience with Disco Melee this holiday season!

Hollla At Us!

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Have questions or need technical support?

Please do not hesitate to contact us through:

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Happy Streaming,
The Disco Melee Team

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