HASTE – DiscoMelee Exclusive

Experience the revolutionary Esports Network Optimizer from Haste!

Simply apply to be part of our alpha program today!

Participation is limited to the first 1,000 qualified players.

Haste technology minimizes latency, packet loss, and jitter during your gameplay. Participation is easy:

  • Minimum 2 LoL games per week on Windows 7 or higher. More is better!
  • Allow Haste to upload LoL log files to logsoflag.com and Haste.
  • Provide on how well Haste is working.

Let us reward you just for playing!

  • 5 Disco Melee fans will win a $20 Riot Points Gift Card.
  • Free, unlimited access to Haste during the entire alpha.
  • Entry into drawings to win exciting prizes throughout the alpha:
    • $500 Amazon Gift Card*
    • $100 Riot Points Gift Card*


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