ESL to Host EVOLVE Tournament

Think you’re one the most elite Evolve players out there? Now is your chance to shine, and possible even walk away with a briefcase full of cash when all is said and done.

EVOLVE Proving Grounds is doing big thing in the console world by hosting a Xbox One tournament in June. In a combined effort, ESL and 2K will go on a wild search for the world’s best EVOLVE players. This search is set to kick off on April 26th. Four weeks of online competition will set the stage for a travel-expenses-paid-for offline tournament. The offline tournaments are to be held at both the ESL Cologne and ESL Burbank studios. The top two will then advance on to the grand finals the week of June 15th, in Los Angeles, California. Did we mention the winner walks away with $100,000?

“EVOLVE has commanded the attention of the gaming world since – and before – its release in February of this year. We consistently see demand for the game at our events and are happy to now be doing more with it in terms of esports competition,” said David Hiltscher, Vice President of Gaming Communities at ESL.
“The future looks bright for EVOLVE esports, and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

EVOLVE is a 4v1 shooter game in which four hunters cooperatively fight to take down a single-player controlled Monster. For more information regarding EVOLVE, please visit the official website. A detailed breakdown of the tournament, can be found on . Alternatively, join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #4v1!

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