Closed Beta ‘Patch Notes’ 0.4

Hello DiscoVerse!

The launch of our new weekly Disco Melee Friday Night Stream (#DMfns) brought in a kinds of new followers and it was a blast getting to chat with each one of you! If you haven’t already, mark your calendars and join us at 9 PM EST tonight on our official Disco Melee stream channel.

Update 0.4 brings in a whole plethora of exciting site updates, bug fixes, and soon to be released features. For a full list, see below:

Recently Updated

  • Profile Page – You can now view other user profile pages by clicking on their profile image in chat.
  • Commenting – Users can now comment on their profile page.
  • Streamer Dashboard – Now has viewing numbers as well as people in chat.

Coming Soon

  • Notification Bar – Users will easily be able to keep track of friend requests, chats, and updates with our sleek notification bar.
  • Instant Messaging – The ability to chat with friends and fellow gamers on Disco Melee.
  • Storefront – Our new store front will be launching soon, featuring exclusive Disco Melee merchandise!
  • Search Functionality – The ability to search all of Disco Melee for your desired content.


  • FAQ – Check out our dedicated FAQ page for any Frequently Asked Questions you might have. If you do not see the question or answer you are looking for, please contact us here:
  • Troubleshooting – As we are in Closed Beta, we appreciate all the feedback we can get on how our site is performing. Please do not hesitate to contact us through email ( or our Twitter support account (@DiscoSupport) if you are experiencing any problems or issues.

As always, we’d love to promote those testing out our Closed Beta by letting our followers know when you are streaming live on Disco Melee. Tag us on our social media feeds and we’ll help get the word out. (See below for our social media links.)

Happy Gaming,

The Disco Melee Team

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