Disco Melee joins StartUp52 NYC Accelerator

We got Picked!!!!

Disco Melee has been selected to be a part of ‘StartUp52’, a New York City based accelerator focused on diversity in startup and tech spaces.

What is StartUp52?

StartUp52 has a community of mentors, advisers, experts, and serial entrepreneurs, they make available to the startups in their ‘classes’ each session.  The connections that StartUp52 brings to the DiscoVerse will be indispensable in the future growth of Disco Melee.

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Who is Chike Ukaegbu?

Under the lead of Chike Ukaegbu, founder and Lead Executive of StartUp52, there has been an environment for startup companies from a multitude of markets to come together, learn, and grow together.  Chike has always been passionate about helping those in need.

The session for StartUp52 lasts from June 7th until August 29th, and will be held at Long Island University.

For more information about StartUp52, feel free to check out their website here – http://startup52.com/

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