Closed Beta ‘Patch Notes’ 0.5

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Latest News:

  • Social Hub – The ability to follow and friend fellow Disco Melee users is here at last! You can also view the latest posts, reply, and comment on feeds.
  • Notification Bar – Users can now keep up with their latest friend requests, chat messages, and current live streams.
  • LIVE Twitter – Wondering who’s streaming live on Disco Melee? Best check out our new LIVE Twitter account, @DiscoMeleeLive, a dedicated feed posting when our streamers goes live. #DiscoMeleeLive

Coming Soon:

  • Instant Messaging – Ability to message friends instantly with our exclusively designed “chat heads” system.
  • Site Store – Our own store is on it’s way, prepare for the ultimate DiscoVerse swag…
  • Full Site Search – A quick and easy way to find exactly what you are looking for on our site.
  • ‘People’ Page – The ability to search your current friends list and find new ones.
  • Graphical Analytics (Powered by Visclay) – Helping you get the most out of your live streams by tracking your target audience.
  • Ability to Subscribe to Streamers – Can’t get enough of a specific streamer? Show your support by subscribing to their stream.


  • FAQ – Check out our dedicated FAQ page for any Frequently Asked Questions you might have. If you do not see the question or answer you are looking for, please contact us here:
  • Troubleshooting – As we are in Closed Beta, we appreciate all the feedback we can get on how our site is performing. Please do not hesitate to contact us through email ( or our Twitter support account (@DiscoSupport) if you are experiencing any problems or issues.

Stream on,

The Disco Melee Team


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