Closed Beta ‘Patch Notes’ 0.3

Our devs have been working overtime to bring you new features, updates, and bug fixes which means another update newsletter is in order. We’re also very excited to announce our new weekly Disco Melee Friday Night Stream, featuring our Staff Members. For the latest in Disco News, check out the information below:

Recently Updated

  • Overall Site – Streaming keys are now working and we have transferred to our new ingest server, rtmp://
  • Landing Page – Now links to FAQ and Conversion Page.
  • Streams Page – Recommended streams, viewer count, and LIVE/ OFF-LINE now populate correctly.
  • Individual Streamer Page – Stream and game title can now be submitted by pressing “enter” and chat now conforms to the size of stream correctly.
  • Stream Chat – Users can now see other user avatars correctly in stream chat.


Coming Soon

  • Weekly Friday Night Stream – Each Friday a Disco Melee Staff member will be streaming LIVE on our site! Meet the team, ask questions, and join in the fun, we’d love to chat with you! View our LIVE stream Fridays from 9 – 10 PM EST here: #DMfns
  • Streamer Dashboard – A place for streamers to manage stream settings all in one place, allowing them connect with their audience and gain the most from their stream.


  • FAQ – Check out our dedicated FAQ page for any Frequently Asked Questions you might have. If you do not see the question or answer you are looking for, please contact us here:
  • Troubleshooting – As we are in Closed Beta, we appreciate all the feedback we can get on how our site is performing. Please do not hesitate to contact us through email ( or our Twitter support account (@DiscoSupport) if you are experiencing any problems or issues.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media to let us know you’re streaming on our site, we’d love to help promote your stream! For a full list of our social media feeds, see below.

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