Closed Beta ‘Patch Notes’ 0.2

Hello again from the DiscoVerse!

We have been working tirelessly at the Disco Offices, and have another set of Patch Notes ready to showcase!

Here is a short list of some of the updates and bug fixes:

  • Overall Site
    • Page title now correctly displays in the browser tab
    • Uploading an avatar no longer requires a refresh to see changes on Nav Menu Avatar
    • Favicon now populates correctly on all platforms
    • Streaming keys are now working
    • Now transferred to our new ingest server, rtmp://
  • Landing Page
    • Now links to FAQ and Converstion Page
  • Streams Page
    • Text moved away from Nav Menu (spacing issue)
    • Recommended Streams now populate correctly
    • LIVE / OFF-LINE now populates correctly
    • Viewer count now populates correctly
  • Individual Streamer Page
    • Stream Title, and Game title can now be submitted by pressing ‘Enter’
    • Chat now conforms to size of stream correctly
  • Stream Chat
    • Users can now see others avatars in chat, not just their own
  • Settings Page
    • Added ‘hide’ functionality for settings betton
    • Renamed ‘My User Profile’ to ‘My Stream Profile’
    • Renamed ‘Banner’ to ‘Background’
    • Stream Key now properly generates and is used instead of username for stream

There are also a multitude of other fixes that make everything in the DiscoVerse a little bit nicer!

If you see an issue with the site, please contact us at or on Twitter via @DiscoSupport

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