Disco Melee is made up of gamers, just like you, who share a passion for gaming. Experiencing a lack of community on other gaming sites, we came together, and began visualizing what the ultimate gamer-focused social network would look like. Our vision was to create a one-stop shop where streamers could unlock their full potential, gamers could socialize with ease, and guilds/clans could thrive. A place where gaming could be social again.

With our roots grounded and dedicated to filling the wants and needs of gamers, we extend the invitation for feedback to our fellow gamers from all backgrounds. Be a part of a new era in gaming, and tell us what you would like to see implemented within our community. With our shared passion, you can help us grow Disco Melee into the premiere site for gamers around the globe.

  • Coy Pittman
    Coy PittmanCEO, Founder

    The man behind Disco Melee, Coy, is seen by his peers as a kind of “superhero”. With his ability to effectively multitask and move his vision ever forward, he still takes the time to be a dedicated father all while participating in the space he loves so dearly, gaming! Coy started his business career early, developing strategies for his father’s business, which eventually led to him starting his first business. He has since started and exited companies, all of which paved the way to Disco Melee.

    When he is not fixated on driving his team and vision ever forward or spending time with his family, Coy is known to have his eyes glued to his favorite comics or playing with his dog, Hanz!

  • Chad Baniecki
    Chad BanieckiCOO, Co-Founder

    With his positive outlook, and constant smile, Chad is seen as an analytical monster amongst his colleagues. After graduating and playing football at LSU (part of the 2007 Nat’l Championship Team), he began working directly with Downtown Baton Rouge businesses, helping them grow and expand. Chad would eventually aid his father in starting and growing his engineering firm by solidifying processes and communications with Nissan of Japan for R&D.

    Chad met his business partner, Coy Pittman, through an online game (World of Warcraft), and they began brainstorming business ideas together and working to ‘change the world.’

  • Alison Hinch
    Alison HinchDesigner In Chief

    Alison possesses strong competencies in digital, print, web and mobile design. As a progressive thinking design professional, she is always pushing the boundaries of her design capabilities. Having participated in early phase start-ups, Alison reminds Disco Melee daily that she is an invaluable asset through her progressive work and keen eye to detail while having her fingers on the pulse of the latest in branding trends.

    When Alison isn’t pushing pixels and making stuff pretty, she is on the ice being a hockey mom with her husband and 2 kids.

  • Dan Midwood
    Dan Midwood

    Strong functional programming developer. My passion is in crafting great server side applications that can handle massive scale, designing and architecting complex systems and great APIs. I’m a permanent traveler and I live all over the world.

    • Gary Moon
      Gary MoonCTO / Infrastructure

      A native Australian, Gary loves Vegemite. Yuk, but seriously, following the days of building electronics kits in his bedroom, he found that his interests lay in computers. Since graduating college in 2008, in an attempt to buy into that whole “piece of paper” thing, he’s found himself drawn ever more into highly scalable systems and open source software, making him one of the biggest nerds in the office.

      • Ozan Sener
        Ozan SenerDeveloper

        None of us have ever met Ozan, but this man gets shit done.

        • Elish Melchiade
          Elish MelchiadeMarketing Lead

          A Jacqueline-of-all-Trades, Elish has a background in many different industries – Software, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Hospitality (to name a few). She particularly enjoys Operations, HR, Marketing, and Communications. Her focus at Disco Melee is to build up the community, utilize user feedback to improve the site for streamers and viewers alike, and to talk to anyone who will listen. Elish defines herself as a “Social Nerd”, and has been a book worm, and gamer since she was a wee babe. She looks forward to reaching out to many different sub-genres of streamers, and making Disco Melee a robust site for all manners of nerd-dom!

          • Deirdre Morrison
            Deirdre MorrisonCFO

            Deirdre has been involved with many startups but this is her first venture into the game industry. She has twenty-five + years of experience as an accountant and is a graduate of Pace University in New York City. In her younger days, she was known to be found in bowling alleys playing PacMan and Asteroids.

            When not crunching numbers, Deirdre can be found with her husband of 31 years or one of four children.

            • Chris FitzGerald
              Chris FitzGeraldChief Strategic Officer

              With a background in Project and Process Engineering and a passion for gaming (long term StarCraft junkie), Chris brings an engineer’s mindset of continuous process improvement and operational excellence. With a focus on strategic planning, business development, brand marketing, project management and human resources, Chris brings a diverse skillset to the Disco executive team.

              • Hanz
                HanzCDO (Chief Dog Officer)

                Oversees all things Dog. With 4 years of experience facilitating interoffice dog affairs, Hanz has worked his way to the top of the canine ladder. Starting his career as a young pup, he quickly overcame burying bones, pesky postmen, and those annoying rodents humans refer to as “cats”. With his celebrity status now reaching the likes of Facebook, it’s no wonder he’s earned the Disco Melee title of Top Dog.

                • Ryan Handby
                  Ryan HandbyCo-Founder

                  ‘I’m competitive’ is the sole sentence that can describe Ryan Handby.

                  Gladiator, High Warlord and all round general badass in both gaming and coding. Ryan has competed in coding competitions as well as gaming competitions at extremely high levels and likes to spend the rest of his time schooling the office in his current favorite game… Hearthstone.